New Rocking Horses

Our new Classic Dappled Grey rocking horses are carved by hand, individually custom made using our own patterns taken from the best Victorian and Edwardian rocking horses which have been through our restoration workshop over the years. For a beautiful fully restored antique rocking horse by renowned makers like Ayres and Lines, please visit our Antique Rocking Horse page, or to see what our lovely customers think of us visit our Customer Testimonials page.

Classic Large New Rocking Horses on Safety Stand with Saddle

Made by Master Saddler & Sheepskin Numnah Price £4,400

New Rocking Horse
  • Classic Dappled Grey Rocking Horse Head- one of our New Rocking HorsesHead detail: one of our Classic New Rocking Horses, shows the turned head, fine muscle carving, real horsehair mane, subtle dappling and the lively but friendly face typical of all our horses.
  • Classic Rocking Horse with leather havana saddle and sheepskin numnah – one of our New Rocking Horses

Size: Height 49″(125cm) Length 58″ (147cm) Width 18″ (46cm)

Classic Large New Rocking Horses on Safety Stands with Traditional Saddlery & Red Saddlecloth

Price £3,950

New Rocking Horse with red saddlecloth

Classic Large New Rocking Horse with red saddlecloth

Size: Height 49″(125cm) Length 58″ (147cm) Width 18″ (46cm)

Classic Large New Rocking Horses on Safety Stands with Traditional Saddlery & Navy Saddlecloth

Price £3,950

New Rocking Horse with Navy saddlecloth and light grey hair(1)

Classic Large New Rocking Horse with Navy saddlecloth- one of our New Rocking Horses

Large: Height 49″(125cm) Length 58″ (147cm) Width 18″ (46cm) Price £3,950

You can choose a high quality, braid trimmed saddlecloth in Red, ( the most traditionally used on antique horses ) or Navy Blue, as illustrated, ( plus Royal Blue, not shown.)   Saddles are high quality hand dyed leather in either Chestnut or Havana, made to an antique pattern and nailed on in the traditional manner. Bridles are hand dyed leather and are removable.

Classic Large New Rocking Horses on Safety Stands – Shabby Chic

Price £3,950

Available to Special Order in Aqua (as shown), Blue and Pink.

Please allow plenty of time for Christmas delivery.

AQUARIUS – shabby chic rocking horse Classic Rocking Horses

Our new Classic Rocking Horses are wooden horses, made to the highest standards, with legs mortised and tenoned into the body in the manner of the craftsmen who originally made these beautiful creatures. They are fully carved in the traditional manner and feature the additional muscle carving to the neck and back legs, along with the stepped hoof rail typical of the best Ayres original rocking horse style. Blonde or Light Grey hair is usually fitted, but other colours may be available if required.

Large horses are suitable for children from 3 years, with supervision, and will last to teenage and beyond, as they will take the weight of an average adult. Mothers often ride with a baby in front of them, until the child is old enough to manage alone.

Medium Classic Rocking Horses with traditional saddle are suitable for children up to the age of about 7 years.

 Classic Dappled Grey New Rocking Horses on Bow Rockers

Price £5,500

New Rocking Horse - Bow Rocker

This splendid large rocking horse, around 7 feet long overall, shows the elegant lines of the traditional bow rocker, and is a fine example from our range of new horses. Although extremely decorative, rocking horses on bow rockers do require more space than horses on safety stands because the rocking action causes them to travel. For this reason we advise safety stands where children are involved. Children under the age of 3 years should be supervised at all times.

Price of New Large Classic Rocking Horse on Bows with Saddler made saddlery £5,950

The following video shows some of the work involved in making one of our beautiful Classic Dappled Grey New Rocking Horses :

Quality Workmanship

The Body: Our rocking horse bodies are carved either in lime, a classic carving timber, or from North American tulipwood, a northern hemisphere hardwood with very few knots. The beech legs are mortise & tenon jointed into the horse body in the time honoured way.

Paintwork: Although a laborious process, we still gesso our rocking horses as the Victorian makers did, to give a beautifully smooth base for the many layers of paint and varnish, all applied by hand, including the subtle dappling. The end result is an accurate representation of the delightfully mellow appearance of a treasured antique rocking horse.

The Stand: We make our rocking horse stands entirely from hardwoods, usually ash, stained and polished. The swing irons are mounted on steel bearing plates and run in steel bushes in the hoof rails to withstand years of hard riding. Elegant bow rocker stands in Ash can be made to order, either painted or stained and polished.

Horse Tack & Hair: All our leatherwork is made from solid hide, individually hand dyed, for traditional, nailed-on saddles giving subtle variations of colour as opposed to a mass produced effect. Removable saddles made by a master saddler are also available with optional sheepskin numnah. We use only real horse hair for manes and tails, ensuring a most natural and realistic appearance.

Safety and The Environment: All paints, glazes and varnishes are child-safe, water based and low in solvents. All our timbers come from renewable Northern Hemisphere sources. For this reason we do not offer rocking horses in mahogany or other scarce or exotic timbers.  Hair is properly cured to BSEN71 standard.

To Order one of our New Rocking Horses

Please contact us to discuss your requirements, either by phone or email.

Delivery is normally 8-10 weeks from order.

UK Mainland Delivery is Free of Charge.  Other destinations Worldwide at cost.

A deposit of 25% secures your order.  Balance due 2 weeks before delivery.

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